End Of Arm Tools

Sage Robots End of Arm Tool Collection


Robotic End of Arm Tools


Sage Automation has been an industry leader in innovation in the realm of End of Arm Tooling. Sage pioneered some of the first Fanuc applications for rubber bale stacking. Each End of Arm Tool is custom designed and built for each specific project to meet the exact demands for that application. Sage draws on decades of experience to determine which picking method is right for each scenario. There are several factors that Sage evaluates; how porous is the object, how flexible is the object, is the object magnetic, and how fragile is the object. These answers lead the Sage engineers to design the proper End of Arm Tool for the job.



Benefits of a Robotic E.O.A.T.


  • Increased Reliability and Predictable Cost
  • Reduced Injury to Employees
  • Increased Capacity, Productivity and Throughput
  • Consistent Product Handling
  • Flexibility - Customized to meet specific system requirements


End of Arm Tooling Options:


  • Custom Function
  • Clamping/Gripper
  • Vacuuming
  • Fork and Clamp
  • Hook Picking (J-Hook)
  • Magnetic
  • Multi-function