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Sage Automation System ComponentsPress Palletizing Cell:

    • Fanuc M410-iB160 with RJ-3iC, A size Controller
    • Basket Tine Clamp E.O.A.T. with Interchangeable Tines
    • Slip Sheet Pick & Place Mechanism
    • Pallet Shuttle Carts (X2)
    • Infeed Line Shaft Conveyor w/ End Stop
    • Exit/Outfeed Line Shaft Conveyor
    • Triple Deck Conveyor for staging
    • Removable Belt Conveyor for manual infeed
    • Wide Belt Accumulation Conveyor
    • Safety Fencing with Interlocked Access Gates and mutable light curtains
    • Allen Bradley Panelview HMI
    • HMI and Fanuc Control Panel

Overall System Layout:

Fanuc Bag Stacking PalletizerOperation Overview:

This Fanuc based automated material handling system utilized a basket clamp style end of arm tool that had patented interchangeable tines. This system was designed to pick and place stacks of bags which in this industry was known as a hand. The fanuc picked the hand and placed it on one of the two shuttle carts that had pallet parked in the build location. The shuttle cart exited the system after the pallet load had been completed. The other shuttle cart with pallet moved into place so the Fanuc was never interrupted during the palletizing process. Dual build locations allowed for this Fanuc based solution to keep up with the fast-pace demand of the customer’s production rate making this automated system by Sage very successful.