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Overall System Layout:

Automated Material Handling System (FANUC Based)Operation Overview:

This automated small pipe handling system integrates a Fanuc M-410iHW robot and a custom designed end of arm tool with specialized manufacturing equipment. This system will automate the process of picking, preparing and placing pipe into the lathe like equipment.

The robot for this system is a Fanuc M-410iHW articulating arm, which is a four-axis machine that has proven to be a workhorse for the Fanuc line. With an approximate payload of 550 pounds, this unit is easily capable of performing the necessary task at hand. The robot supports a horizontal clamp style end-effector designed to pick the complete range of pipe sections presented.

A Fanuc R-J3 controller handles all the motion control and interfacing for this system. Communications with other equipment is handled through discrete I/O interfacing. A standard Fanuc teach pendant is supplied to control the robot. No HMI is included.