• Gantry Robot Manufacturer & Articulated Arm Integrator

Sage Automation System ComponentsPress Palletizing Cell:

    • Fanuc R2000F165 Articulated Arm Robot w/ RJ-3 Controller
    • Fork and Clamp End of Arm Tool
    • Belt Accumulation Conveyors (x3)
    • 90 degree Transfer Conveyor
    • Roller-to-belt Transfer Conveyor
    • Actuated Backstop
    • Indexing Belt Conveyor with Lift to present stacks to EOAT
    • Safety Gated Pallet Hopper
    • Safety Gated Slip Sheet Hopper
    • CDLR Conveyors (x3)
    • Wide Belt Accumulation Conveyor
    • Safety Fencing with Interlocked Access Gates
    • PLC Conveyor Controller
    • HMI and Fanuc Control Panel

Overall System Layout:

Automated Material Handling System (Fanuc Based)Operation Overview:

This automated material handling system palletized stacks of die-cut cartons. The Fanuc articulated arm robot utilized a Fork and Clamp style end of arm tool to pick and place the product from the infeed conveyor onto the pallet. The Fanuc had the reach and ability to pick the stack from either side so that it could nest the product closely together to optimize the pallet stack pattern. The conveyor system had built in accumulation zones to allow for system interruptions like an operator restocking the pallet or slipsheet hopper. This system met all of the customers needs and requirements. The customer was very satisfied with the increased safety and efficiency achieved thru this custom automation.