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Sage Automation System ComponentsBag Palletizing Cell:

    • Fanuc R2000iB-125L
    • Vacuum End of Arm Tool
    • Box Alignment Device I/O Communication
    • Safety Fencing with Interlocked Access Gates and  mutable light curtains
    • Allen Bradley Panelview HMI
    • HMI and Fanuc Control Panel

Vacuum End of Arm ToolOverall System Layout:

Automated Material Handling System (FANUC Based)Operation Overview:

This Fanuc used a vacuum style end of arm tool to pick and place bags of product into a cardboard box or a metal container.

This system will use a Box Alignment Device provider by another O.E.M., it is capable of handling corrugated and metal containers. This device is used to align the containers, as well as hold them in place while the bags are being loaded into the container.

The existing plant conveying equipment delivers the bags to a repeatable pick position where the robot picks the bags and places them into the container.

Each robot system has a secondary put position which drops a reject bag onto a slide that feeds into a reject container. The robot has a vacuum sensor to determine if a bag is busted and needs rejecting. The operator will determine when the reject container is full and needs to be emptied. The Robot will count the number of rejected bags and relay this information to the ASIC, Inc. interface to track.