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Overall System Layout:

Automated Material Handling System (FANUC Based)Operation Overview:

This project consist of a Fanuc robot stacking synthetic rubber bales (bales) being delivered via two conveyor lines. These bales are estimated to be coming into the system at a rate of 8 bales per minute. The system is capable of a rate of 8 bales per minute with some additional head room.

The bales are being stacked into two different styles of containers with additional subsets of containers in one of the styles. The two styles are a metal container style, and a 3-cell corrugated container style.

The 3-cell corrugated container is the only one of corrugated type.

While all the metal box styles are similar, differences in construction have made it necessary to create a custom selection for each one as the space the robot has to stack rubber is extremely tight.

There are also a set of box locators used on this system capable of handling all styles of corrugated and metal containers. This device is used to align the containers, as well as hold them in place for the first two to three layers of bales.

This system uses a Fanuc Arm Robot to palletize rectangular rubber bales into Goodpack MB5 metal containers. These containers are positioned by a box alignment device provided by another manufacturer. This layout features a high pick point for the conveyor pick so Sage built a custom pedestal for the Fanuc to optimize its reach and maximize its efficiency. This system is part of a much larger system so the container conveyor exits to a main trunk line via a turntable and it can travel North or South on the drawing depending which pick station is requesting a load.