• Gantry Robot Manufacturer & Articulated Arm Integrator

This Sage Gantry Robot is tasked to operate as an ASRS ( Automated Storage and Retrieval System ).

This ASRS Gantry system is used by a major tire manufacturer for warehousing their recently produced tires before shipping them out for distribution. Sage Automation currently has several other Automated Storage and Retrieval System for tires being used by several Tire and Wheel Assembly suppliers to automotive production plants. These automation systems are linked to the tire mounting and balance systems and the factory through Ethernet/IP. This allows the ASRS Gantry to interact with other robotic manufacturing equipment such as Fanuc articulated arm robots that are sometimes used to stack the tires into bins for transit. Sage Automation solves sortation and storage problems whether the solution is an entire warehouse solution or a small simple sorter. Sage builds the handling robots and end of arm tools, programs and installs, as well as provides startup support and professional service.

Please contact Sage Automation for help with any of your industrial robot or material handling projects. Please click the video below to watch the Automated Storage and Retrieval System pick and place tires into the shipping rack.