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Sage Automation has chosen Rockwell Automation’s Logix platform as the centerpiece of our robotic control system. Everything – including motion, transfer cars, end effector, and supporting automation equipment – is all handled by the Logix processor. Rockwell’s PanelView Plus provides advanced yet easy-to-use graphical Human-Machine Interface (HMI) with customized operational screens. A reliable, modern Programmable Automation Controller (PAC, though also referred to as a PLC), Logix can handle any automation control task.

Although the Rockwell platform is our current preference, Sage Automation welcomes other choices based on customers’ needs and specifications.


  • Integrated motion and I/O control.
  • Virtually unlimited axes of servo motion.
  • Servo axes can be controlled in independent motion groups each with its own program and operational states, or used for coordinated motion.
  • Prioritized multitasking for multiple programs.
  • Error logging.
  • Advanced communication and networking capabilities.
  • Bar code processing, product sorting and tracking.



A completely integrated servo solution is available with Rockwell Automation drives and motors, communicating to the drives using SERCOS or CIP Motion over EtherNet/IP .

As a more cost effective solution, we also offer Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive servo drives and motors that communicate with EtherNet/IP.



Many I/O options are available. Logix supports many options using in-rack I/O. For distributed, in-cabinet I/O, Sage uses Rockwell Automation’s Point I/O on EtherNet/IP. For machine-mount I/O, Rockwell’s ArmorBlock I/O, also on EtherNet/IP, is a cost-effective yet rugged solution. Additionally, we can accommodate other I/O systems to conform to end-user specifications.


  • Operator uses push buttons or customized HMI to start, stop, and reset the robot.
  • Expandable E-STOP circuitry standard.
  • Product or Pattern selection through HMI with no down time.
  • The HMI allows the operator access to make on-the-fly parameter changes, including creation of new patterns.



  • System status and error conditions are reported to the screen in simple English statements.
  • Optional LED board and large indicator lamps.
  • To aid in troubleshooting, I/O points can be monitored from the screen. Each I/O point is accompanied by a description.
  • The operator can monitor the state servo axes, including limit switches, drive faults, current position, etc.



Sage has chosen EtherNet/IP as our standard communications solution. This includes servos, variable speed drives, distributed I/O, HMIs, and peer-to-peer communications. However, we can support a wide array of networks, including serial, generic TCP/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, etc.