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NOW SERVICING C&D ROBOTICS SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENTContact us for controls upgrades, system maintenance, and spare parts for all C&D Robot Installations.

Maintenance in your facility

This can be scheduled such as planned work for a known problem. In addition we offer emergency service after hours and on weekends.

Repairs of End Effectors and other equipment at the Sage Plant

Many customers send Sage End Effectors and other equipment. Sage can normally do a quick turnaround on in-house repairs.

PM (Preventive Maintenance)

Sage can create a PM program for your robotic and automation equipment. This involves creating a custom list of items for your unique equipment. Sage techs will inspect, replace, adjust, etc. based upon past history or knowledge.

Example List:

  • Check end effector for loose fasteners.
  • Check air cylinders and valves for leaks.
  • Etc…

Safety Audits

Sage can do a Safety Audit of your robotic equipment to see if the system is compliant with ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012.

Spare Parts

Sage can provide spare parts for your robotic equipment. Consult Sage Automation’s service department at 1-800-731-9111 or 409-842-8040 for scheduling and pricing.