• Gantry Robot Manufacturer & Articulated Arm Integrator

The pictured robot is a custom built heavy duty gantry robot that handles sheets of carbon steel and stainless steel. This 2-Axis gantry robot system is designed to load steel plate into a brushing machine. The plate is loaded into the system on a movable table in various stack patterns. The gantry robot uses a vacuum cup system to lift the plates and place them on a conveyor leading into the brushing machine. The sheets can weigh as much as four thousand pounds. The sheets are processed by a stretcher where the sheet is stretched resulting in a very flat sheet that will stay flat even in post processing operations such as laser cutting.

Sage Automation builds various types of Industrial and Robotic Manufacturing equipment such as gantry robots for machine tending, tube/pipe bundling, loading lathes, loading forges or kilns, and much more. Sage Automation can build, install, and integrate custom equipment to fit any of your material handling needs, so please contact Sage Automation for help with your project.