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The Sage Automation Board Packaging System consists of a series of lineshaft conveyors that are fed by a synthetic board extruder and embosser. The boards go thru a series of 4 lineshaft conveyors before hitting an end stop and being transferred 90 degrees onto a pop up chain conveyor. These chain conveyors feed into the upstacker and top clamp which stacks the product into predetermined sub-packs. Then the stacks are lowered onto the chain conveyor and transferred onto a lineshaft conveyor which feeds the Conflex wrapper. Once wrapped they are conveyed into a heat shrinking tunnel. The wrapped boards continue to the end of the line shaft conveyors until they reach a predetermined point and hit the end stop, pop-ups lift the sub-packs and make another 90 degree transfer feeding the boards onto the arms of the layer-former. After a full layer has been made, the layer former conveys the layer into a tilting conveyor. Once the product is in position, it begins to tilt into a level position and transfers the layer onto a conveyor that feeds the layer through the Highlight Orbital Ring Wrapper. Finally the wrapped product is transported via the exit conveyor to await pick up from the fork truck. The finished product is then transferred to the staging areas for shipment or sent to the warehouse for storage.

Sage Automation has built numerous custom systems ranging from packing bags of wine corks into corrugated boxes to unpacking cans of dog food from trays.