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This custom gantry system uses Sage Automation’s High-speed Tractor drive design.

Sage’s high-speed tractor drive is the perfect choice for material handling in warehouses that have a high occurrence of dust and debris because this system use hardened rails and precision bearing wheels for the way system. This gantry system is capable of servicing 8 lines and picks 4 cases at a time. The gantry palletizes the boxes in 3 rows of 4 boxes, this stack pattern is also known as a 3 x 4 column.

Safety in this Industrial Automation system is handled with perimeter guarding which includes, fencing, interlock gates, safety mats, and light curtains. Upon request in certain applications, Sage Automation can build robotic equipment to be “food safe”. Sage can accomplish this by sealing the bottom of overhead conveyors and using special rated electrical cabinets that are washdown complaint.

This robot palletizes cartons containing medicine bottles and caps, but since the boxes are already sealed before entering the envelope extra precautions were not needed on this particular material handling application.

This Sage Automation Gantry is controlled from an HMI console that is located on the outside of the safety envelope next to the electrical cabinet. Sage Automation uses Allen Bradley PLCs on most gantry systems.

This gantry box palletizer was filmed using a fixed position 360 camera, please use Google Chrome browser so you can click your mouse to move the camera angle around while watching the Sage Robot work. This system has one main infeed, with 8 staging areas and multiple build locations.