• Gantry Robot Manufacturer & Articulated Arm Integrator

The pictured Sage robot, with its custom magnet end of arm tool, can pick layers of round tubing to form hex bundles. The formed bundles are then conveyed to a banding machine where metal bands secure the hex bundle. The bundles transfer ninety degrees for final forklift pickup.

Sage has built and installed automatic systems for the steel industry, drill pipe, and pipe & tube industries. Sage builds the chain conveyors, V-roller conveyors, and flag transfers that integrate with Sage robots and other customer equipment to make a complete functioning system.

Sage Automation produced this robotic system to manipulate various diameters of pipes and store them in racks until requested. Once requested, we pick the pipe and eject it out for distribution or further tasking.

Sage Automation produced this robotic system to take in loose pipes, stack those pipes in a hexagonal bundle, and then release those bundles for pickup at the end of the system. The hexagonal bundles would then be retrieved for distribution or storage.

Sage Automation created this complex system to handle pipes carried by spears through various processes. The gantry in this system uses a series of J-hooks to pick up multiple pipes at once to keep up with the fast cycle time of the system.

This system provides the ability to move extremely heavy pipes through a set of processes provided within the envelope by the end customer. The video shows only the simplest portion of movement of the system before it was put into a factory acceptance role within the facility.