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The pictured machine stages rolls with a flush to the floor conveyor, kicks the rolls into a v-bed where the roll lift takes the rolls up to a second level. At the high position the roll will get a shaft automatically inserted and then J-hooks will remove the shafted-roll from the v-bed. The machine is servo controlled and has safety locks for the vertical Z travel.

Sage has successfully automated many roll handling jobs. The projects have varied from complex slit sorting projects to roll lifts to simple projects. Sage supplies the conveyors, header placers, upenders, roll transfer units, shaft extractors, and other equipment needed to complete these projects.

This demonstration is for a major paper/tissue manufacturer to convey and handle their large rolls in-house before they are reduced in size to commercial products. In addition to being an Authorized Fanuc Integrator, Sage Automation manufactures various types of Industrial Robotics such as ASRS, Gantry Robots, Pipe Bundlers, and other custom material handling equipment such as this Roll Handling System.

This video demonstration shows a Roll Handling System that extracts the shaft from the roll and reloads empty cores onto the shaft for the winding process. The roll is carried through the system via a RTU cart that is on rails and has a v-bed made from two separate conveyors that transfer the roll 90 degrees onto the exit conveyor.

Sage Automation created this automated roll handling robot to meet the needs of a major paper product manufacturer. The system sorts large rolls of paper that have been cut into sections, commonly referred to in the industry as slit rolls. Each slit roll is sorted and distributed to holding areas until that area is filled to capacity which results in the entire zone being ejected from the system for distribution. The rolls, depending on requirements for each load, can be handled as a horizontal roll or upended to a vertical roll.

This system features a gantry with a j-hooks that picks up a large roll with the shaft, then places the roll onto an up-ender that is mounted next to a shaft extractor. After the shaft is extracted, the roll up ends and transfers onto the CDLR conveyor.