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AS/RS: Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Sage Gantry Robots for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

ASRS solutions encompass a variety of methods to store and retrieve products or groups of product including: Unit-Load, Mini-Load, Vertical Lift Modules, Shuttles, Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels, and Cube-Based Storage.

At Sage Automation, we employ the use of Large Area Gantry Robots in lieu of racks, shuttles, or VLMs so we may capitalize on existing infrastructure and take advantage of several benefits to the customer.

1.) EXISTING FACILITIES: Gantry Robots have the advantage of working with significantly lower ceiling heights so it’s easier to implement our system into existing buildings without constructing specialized structures.

2.) EFFICIENT STORAGE SPACE: Gantry robots use nearly 100% of the floor space encompassed within the robotic assembly envelope to store like product in vertical stacks.

3.) INTEGRATION: Our inventory system can automatically calculate the storage of like SKUs in stable defined stacks so that more commonly retrieved stacks are placed closer to the exits for maximum throughput while lower yield SKUs are placed closer to the outer edges.

4.) RATE & SPEED: With the ability to move in multiple axes at once, gantry robots have the capability to meet even the most demanding throughput for most product lines. In the situation a single gantry robot can’t meet the need, more gantry robot heads can be added to an existing assembly to satisfy the necessary throughput.

5.) OPERATOR INTERFACE: Our controls system user experience is some of the best in the industry showcasing multi-level permissions, abilities, and operations on the most commonly used industrial controls systems in the industry such as Allen Bradley PLCs.

This Sage Gantry Robot is tasked to operate as an ASRS ( Automated Storage and Retrieval System ).

This ASRS Gantry system is used by a major tire manufacturer for warehousing their recently produced tires before shipping them out for distribution. Sage Automation currently has several other Automated Storage and Retrieval System for tires being used by several Tire and Wheel Assembly suppliers to automotive production plants. These automation systems are linked to the tire mounting and balance systems and the factory through Ethernet/IP. This allows the ASRS Gantry to interact with other robotic manufacturing equipment such as Fanuc articulated arm robots that are sometimes used to stack the tires into bins for transit. Sage Automation solves sortation and storage problems whether the solution is an entire warehouse solution or a small simple sorter. Sage builds the handling robots and end of arm tools, programs and installs, as well as provides startup support and professional service.

Please contact Sage Automation for help with any of your industrial robot or material handling projects. Please click the video below to watch the Automated Storage and Retrieval System pick and place tires into the shipping rack.

Interactive 360 Degree Viewable Gantry Sortation System