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ASRS: Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Sage Gantry Robots for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Welcome to Sage’s Gantry Robots for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), where we revolutionize warehouse management with cutting-edge technology tailored to meet your storage needs. Our ASRS solutions encompass a variety of methods for storing and retrieving products or groups of products, including Unit-Load, Mini-Load, Vertical Lift Modules, Shuttles, Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels, and Cube-Based Storage.

At Sage Automation, we harness the power of Large Area Gantry Robots to optimize your storage operations, providing unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. Here’s why our solution stands out:

  1. Utilization of Existing Facilities: Our Gantry Robots are designed to work within existing buildings, eliminating the need for specialized structures. With their ability to operate in lower ceiling heights, integration into your facility is seamless and cost-effective.
  2. Efficient Storage Space: Maximizing floor space utilization is essential, and our Gantry Robots excel in this aspect. By utilizing nearly 100% of the floor space within the robotic assembly envelope, we ensure efficient storage of like products in vertical stacks, optimizing space usage.
  3. Intelligent Integration: Our inventory system is equipped to automatically calculate storage configurations, placing commonly retrieved stacks closer to exits for maximum throughput. This intelligent integration ensures efficient retrieval processes and minimizes operational complexities.
  4. High Rate & Speed: Equipped with the ability to move in multiple axes simultaneously, our Gantry Robots offer unmatched throughput capabilities. In situations where demand exceeds the capacity of a single robot, additional gantry robot heads can be seamlessly integrated to meet the required throughput.
  5. User-Friendly Operator Interface: We prioritize user experience with our intuitive controls system, offering multi-level permissions and seamless operations. Our interface is compatible with leading industrial controls systems such as Allen Bradley PLCs, ensuring ease of use and familiarity for operators.

Experience the future of automated storage and retrieval with Sage’s Gantry Robots. Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can transform your warehouse operations.

The Sage Gantry Robot serves as a pivotal component of our Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), designed to streamline warehouse operations with precision and efficiency.

One prominent application of this ASRS Gantry system is within the tire manufacturing industry, where it plays a crucial role in warehousing recently produced tires before they are shipped out for distribution. Sage Automation has a proven track record, with several ASRS solutions deployed for tire handling across multiple Tire and Wheel Assembly suppliers to automotive production plants.

Our automation systems are seamlessly integrated into tire mounting and balance processes, as well as factory operations, utilizing Ethernet/IP connectivity. This integration enables the ASRS Gantry to collaborate with other robotic manufacturing equipment, including Fanuc articulated arm robots, which are utilized for stacking tires into bins for transit.

Whether it’s a comprehensive warehouse solution or a simpler sorter, Sage Automation excels in solving sortation and storage challenges. From designing and building handling robots and end-of-arm tools to programming, installation, and ongoing support, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Sage Automation today for assistance with your industrial robot or material handling projects. To witness our ASRS Gantry Robot in action, please view these videos showcasing the seamless pick-and-place operation of tires into shipping racks.

Interactive 360 Degree Viewable Gantry Sortation System