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Most manufactured good needs to be placed on a pallet for distribution as an industry standard.

Sage Automation provides end of line palletizing, in-line palletizing, and multi-lane palletizing. We engineer and manufacture original gantry robot designs for use in palletizing processes. When applicable, we also implement a variety of articulated arm models to perform palletizing.

Sage can also provide complimentary equipment to aid in the palletizing process such as conveyors, stretch wrappers, pallet dispensers, turntables, and lift tables.

If your company receives completed pallets as part of your procedures, click here to check out our robots that perform depalletizing tasks.

The pictured Open Gantry Robotic System takes 10” stacks of loose and slippery newspaper coupon inserts and automatically palletizes them on a wood pallet. This system also picks and places the slip sheets which act as moisture barriers. This entire system was designed, built, and programmed by Sage Automation.

A robot palletizer can vary in size, shape, and method of operation depending on what it is handling as an automatic palletizer. Sage builds layer formers, pallet dispensers, Fanuc Robot based systems, and numerous types of gantry robots for palletizing solutions. Multiple variables determine which style automatic palletizer to use for the job, rate and reach are the two most critical factors upon initial evaluation of a system. These two factors essentially determine if its a Gantry or a Fanuc Articulated Arm Robot. For example, if you need to load more than 3 or 4 build locations then you need a gantry, but if your reach is within a small area and need to load 11 or 12 bags per minute, you need a Fanuc Robot.

Sage Automation has also built railcar systems that transport full pallets that were loaded by a Gantry’s or a Fanuc Robot. So no matter what your material handling need Sage Automation can design, develop, and build you a very customized material handling solution to achieve your goal. Sage Automation is an OEM for various types of gantry robots and an authorized Fanuc Integrator.

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