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An effective 3D simulation of an automated process does more than clearly illustrate a series of complex equipment moves.

Sage Automation can provide our customers with simulations using actual time parameters to prove out a systems throughput capacity. We also have the ability to drive the simulated equipment with the actual PLC code that would run the physical equipment. This ability can shorten the startup and commissioning process, as well as allow Sage to test program changes on a simulation without impacting production on the physical equipment.

Below is a simulation of a Gantry Robot that is used as an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) for a drum and bulk tote filling operation.

Drums and totes enter the system, typically in slugs of similar products, and are discharged to the filling operation randomly based on orders.

The 3D simulation allowed Sage to fully test our storage algorithm and optimize our motion paths for the most efficient operation.

Once the physical equipment was manufactured, the same software was used to drive it, with only minor changes.

The next 3D simulation shows a multi-pick and sortation gantry system. This simulation fills the envelope with the daily production of goods and exports the day’s delivery orders in reverse sequence for ease of loading the trucks for their routes.

Sage Automation would be happy to simulate a solution for your project.

This Video shows a Fanuc R2000 with a Sage 4 paddle clamp stacking rubber bales into a Goodpack MB5 container. This system has an upstream quality check that allows the operator to bypass a bale if it does not meet the product standards and manually load it into a reject container.